Fifty years after the Neutrino experimental discovery


III International Workshop on:

  "Neutrino Oscillations in


February 7-10, 2006

“Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti” – Palazzo Franchetti - Campo S.Stefano










                                                                    Tuesday, February 7, 2006



                  “Fifty great Years”


09.30-09.45           M. Baldo Ceolin (University of Padova)



09.45-10.30           D. Haidt (DESY)

                             Fifty Year Neutrinos


10.30-11.00                                   Coffee Break



         “Ultimate Goals”


11.00-11.30           S.P. Rosen (Department of Energy, Washington)    

                                               Dirac or Majorana Neutrinos?


11.30-12.00           A. Smirnov (ICTP)

                             Neutrino Mass and Mixing: Leptons and Quarks


12.00-12.30           H. Minakata (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

                             Do Neutrinos violate CP?


12.30-13.00           M. Lindner (TU,Munich)

                             Implications of Future Precision Experiments


13.00                                             Lunch



“Tribute to J.N. Bahcall”


14.30-15.00           S.P. Rosen(Department of Energy, Washington)

                             Homage to J.N. Bahcall


15.00-15.30           G.L. Fogli (University of Bari)                                              

                                               Solar Neutrinos


                  15.30-16.00           E. Waxman (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot)

                             High Energy Cosmic-Rays and High Energy Neutrino Astronomy


      16.00-16.30                                   Coffee Break



         “On the Way”


16.30-17.00           R. Plunkett (FERMILAB)

                                              MINOS New Results


17.00-17.30           S. Zeller (Columbia University)

                                              MiniBooNE and Measurement of Neutrino and Antineutrino

                                              Interaction Cross-Section             


17.30-18.00           S. Parke (FERMILAB)

                                               Determining Neutrino Mass Hierarchy


18.00-18.30           R.H. Bernstein (FERMILAB)

                             The NOVA Experiment


18.30-19.00           R. Petronzio (University of Roma “Tor Vergata”)

                             Prospects for the Italian Neutrino Programmes


19.00                                             End of the Session            



20.00                                     Welcome Party: “Pasta e fajoi”
















Wednesday, February 8, 2006



           Toward Precision Measurements

                                           “at  Accelerators ...                     


09.00-09.30           Y. Totsuka(KEK)

                             KEK Programme


09.30-10.00           S. Geer  (FERMILAB)

                             The Proton Driver Discovery Potential


10.00-10.30           W. Winter (IAS,Princeton)

                             Neutrino Factory and Beta Beam Experiment


10.30-11.00                                   Coffee Break


11.00-11.30           K. Nishikawa (Kyoto University)

                             Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments  in Japan


11.30-12.00           T. Kajita (Tokyo University)

                          Determining CP Violation Phase at J-Park Beam with Two Identical Megaton Water Cerenkov Detectors


12.00-12.30           T. Lasserre (CEA, Saclay & APC, Paris)

                             Searching θ13 at Reactors


12.30-13.00           J.  Bernabeu  (IFIC, Valencia)          

                            A Monocromatic Neutrino Beam for θ13 and δ


13.00                                             Lunch


… Underground ...


14.30-15.00           A. Suzuki (Tohoku University)

                             KAMLAND Future Prospects 


15.00-15.30           A. Hime (LANL)

                             Solar Neutrinos: towards the Era of Precision Measurements


15.30-16.00           Y. Suzuki (ICRR,University of Tokyo)

                             Improving Atmospheric Neutrinos and Proton Decay Physics


16.00-16.30           J.W.F. Valle (IFIC, Valencia)

                                              A Theory Perspective on Neutrino Oscillations


16.30-17.00                                   Coffee Break




                                                         … and beyond”.


17.00-17.25           L. Maiani (University of Roma “La Sapienza”)

           ‘The Problem of the Proton Decay


17.25-17.50           N. Mavromatos (King’s College,London)                           

                             A Possible Unconventional Origin of the Neutrino Mass Difference


17.50-18.15           M. Tanimoto (Niigata University)

                             Mass Varying Neutrinos


18.15-18.30           D. Gibin (University of Padova)

                                               Neutrino Hadroproduction  (HARP)


18.30-18.45           M. Messier (University of Indiana)

                             The MIPP Experiment at FERMILAB


18.45-19.00           C. Broggini (INFN, Padova)

                                               Underground Nuclear Measurements


19.00                                             End of the Session



19.30                     “The Peggy Guggenheim Collection opens for us”










                                            Thursday, February 9, 2006



                            “ The Universe as a Neutrino Laboratory”


09.00-09.30           C. Quigg (FERMILAB & CERN)     

                             Extremely High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and Relic Neutrinos


09.30-10.00           G. Raffelt (Max-Planck-Institut,Munich)

                             CMB and SN 1987A Constraints on Exotic Neutrino Couplings


10.00-10.30           K.A. Olive (University of Minnesota)

                             On Neutrino Signatures from the First Stars


10.30-11.00           M. Roncadelli (INFN, Pavia)

                       Looking for Light Pseudoscalar Bosons in Binary Pulsar Observations


11.00-11.30                                   Coffee Break


11.30-12.00           G. Mangano (INFN, Napoli)

                            Are Relic Neutrinos thermally distributed?


12.00-12.30          A. Melchiorri (University of Roma “La Sapienza)

                            Neutrino Masses  in Cosmology


12.30-13.00           S.W. Barwick (University of California, Irvine)

                             Neutrino Astrophysics


13.00                                                 Lunch



              “Neutrino Telescopes”


14.30-14.50           J.J. Aubert (CPPM, Marseille)

                            Neutrino Telescopes


14.50-15.10           P. Billoir (LPNHE, Paris)

                             The Highest Energy Neutrinos and the AUGER Observatory


15.10-15.30           P.O. Hulth (Stockholm University)

                             From AMANDA to IceCube


15.30-15.50           G.V. Domogatsky (INR, Moscow)

                             Lake Baikal Neutrino Experiment – Present and Future


15.50-16.10           L.K. Resvanis (Nestor Institute, Pylos)

                       Operation and Performance at 4000 m of the NESTOR Test Detector


16.10-16.40                                   Coffee Break



16.40-17.00           V. Flaminio (University of Pisa)



17.00-17.20           E. Migneco (LNS, Catania)



17.20-17.40           L. Oberauer (TU, Munich)



17.40-18.00           D. Fargion (University of Roma “La Sapienza”)

                             Neutrino Air-Showers at Horizons


18.00                                             End of the Session



18.30                   “On the way to Torcello island and to the Conference Dinner”









                                           Friday, February 10, 2006



          “Cosmology with Neutrinos”


09.00-09.30           L. Krauss (Case Western Reserve University)

                             What is the Role of Neutrinos in shaping the Universe?


09.30-10.00           R. Barbieri (SNS, Pisa)

                             Dark Energy and Right Handed Neutrinos


10.00-10.30           S. Matarrese  (University of Padova)

                             Cosmic Acceleration: Back-Reaction vs. Dark Energy


10.30-11.00                                   Coffee Break



                            “From the Very Beginning to New Horizons”


11.00-11.30           E. Fiorini (University of Milano)

                             The Majorana Neutrinos


                 11.30-12.00            S. Bilenky (JINR, Dubna& SISSA, Trieste)

                                               Bruno Pontecorvo: Mister Neutrino


12.00-12.30           C. Rubbia (CERN)

                             New Horizons  


12.30                                       End of the Workshop