Tuesday, February 7, 2006

"Fifty great Years"

M. Baldo Ceolin (University of Padova) Welcome

D. Haidt (DESY) Fifty Year Neutrinos

"Ultimate Goals"

S.P. Rosen (Department of Energy, Washington) Dirac or Majorana Neutrinos?

A. Smirnov (ICTP) Neutrino Mass and Mixing: Leptons and Quarks

H. Minakata (Tokyo Metropolitan University) Do Neutrinos violate CP?

M. Lindner (TU,Munich) Implications of Future Precision Experiments

"Tribute to J.N. Bahcall"

S.P. Rosen(Department of Energy, Washington) Homage to J.N. Bahcall

G.L. Fogli (University of Bari) Solar Neutrinos

E. Waxman (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot) High Energy Cosmic-Rays and High Energy Neutrino Astronomy

On the Way

R. Plunkett (FERMILAB) MINOS New Results pdf ppt

S. Zeller (Columbia University) MiniBooNE and Measurement of Neutrino and Antineutrino Interaction Cross-Section

S. Parke (FERMILAB) Determining Neutrino Mass Hierarchy

R.H.Bernstein (FERMILAB) The NOVA Experiment

R.Petronzio (University of Roma "Tor Vergata") Prospects for the Italian Neutrino Programmes

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Toward Precision Measurements

"at Accelerators ..."

Y. Totsuka(KEK) KEK Programme

S. Geer (FERMILAB) The Proton Driver Discovery Potential

W. Winter (IAS,Princeton) Neutrino Factory and Beta Beam Experiment

K. Nishikawa (Kyoto University) Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments in Japan pdf ppt

T. Kajita (Tokyo University) Determining CP Violation Phase at J-PARC Beam with two identical megaton detectors

T. Lasserre (CEA, Saclay & APC, Paris) Searching θ13 at Reactors

J. Bernabeu (IFIC, Valencia) A Monocromatic Neutrino Beam for θ13 and δCP

"underground ..."

A. Suzuki (Tohoku University) KAMLAND Future Prospects

A. Hime (LANL) Solar Neutrinos: towards the Era of Precision

Y. Suzuki (ICRR,University of Tokyo) Improving Atmospheric Neutrinos and Proton Decay Physics

J.W.F. Valle (IFIC, Valencia) A Theory Perspective on Neutrino Oscillation

" ... and beyond ..."

L. Maiani (University of Roma "La Sapienza") The Problem of the Proton Decay

N. Mavromatos (King's College,London) A Possible Unconventional Origin of the Neutrino Mass Difference

M. Tanimoto (Niigata University) Mass Varying Neutrinos

D. Gibin (University of Padova) Neutrino Hadroproduction (HARP)

M. Messier(University of Indiana) The MIPP Experiment at FERMILAB

C. Broggini (INFN, Padova) Underground Nuclear Measurements

Thursday, February 9, 2006

" The Universe as a Neutrino Laboratory"

C. Quigg (FERMILAB & CERN) Extremely High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos and Relic Neutrinos

G. Raffelt (Max-Planck-Institut,Munich) CMB and SN 1987A Constraints on Exotic Neutrino

K.A. Olive (University of Minnesota) On Neutrino Signatures from the First Stars

M. Roncadelli (INFN, Pavia) Looking for Light Pseudoscalar Bosons in Binary Pulsar Observations

G. Mangano (INFN, Napoli) Are Relic Neutrinos thermally distributed?

A. Melchiorri (University of Roma La Sapienza) Neutrino Masses in Cosmology

S.W. Barwick (University of California, Irvine) Neutrino Astrophysics

"Neutrino Telescopes"

J.J. Aubert (CPPM, Marseille) Neutrino Telescopes

P. Billoir (LPNHE, Paris) The AUGER Observatory and UHE Neutrinos

P.O. Hulth (Stockholm University) From AMANDA to IceCube

G.V. Domogatsky (INR, Moscow) Lake Baikal Neutrino Experiment: Present and Future

L.K. Resvanis (Nestor Institute, Pylos) Operation and Performance at 4000 m of the NESTOR Test Detector

V. Flaminio (University of Pisa) ANTARES

E. Migneco (LNS, Catania) NEMO

L. Oberauer (TU, Munich) LENA

D.Fargion (University of Roma La Sapienza) Neutrino Air-Showers at Horizons

Friday, February 10, 2006

"Cosmology with Neutrinos"

L. Krauss (Case Western Reserve University) What is the Role of Neutrinos in shaping the Universe?

R. Barbieri (SNS, Pisa) Dark Energy and Right Handed Neutrinos

S. Matarrese (University of Padova) Cosmic Acceleration: Back-Reaction vs. Dark Energy

"From the Very Beginning to New Horizons"

E.Fiorini (University of Milano) The Majorana Neutrinos

S.Bilenky (JINR, Dubna& SISSA, Trieste) Bruno Pontecorvo: Mister Neutrino

C. Rubbia (CERN) New Horizons

"Angel Morales Friend and Scientist"

A.Bottino (University of Torino) The Quest of Dark Matter

F.Avignone (University of South Carolina) Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

J.Morales (University of Zaragoza) The CANFRANC Underground Laboratory

J.Bernabeu (IFIC, Valencia) Angel Morales Legacy