XII International Workshop on “Neutrino Telescopes”

Twenty years after the Supernova 1987A neutrino bursts discovery

March 6-9, 2007

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti”,  Palazzo Franchetti -  S. Stefano




The XII International Workshop on:  “Neutrino Telescopes” 

Twenty years after the Supernova 1987A neutrino bursts discovery

will take place in Venice, March 6-9, 2007 at the "Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti" – Palazzo Franchetti



  1. How to reach “Palazzo Franchetti”. Conference Site

  2. Conference Secretariat and Conference Fee

  3. Schedule of the Workshop

  4. Lunches and Coffee Breaks

  5. Proceedings

  6. Accommodation

  7. Social Events

  8. Registration Form and Conference Fee

  9. Hotel Reservation Form

  10. Map of Venice



How to reach “Palazzo Franchetti” (see map)

Palazzo Franchetti  is located in Campo S. Stefano near Piazza San Marco (see picture below), one of the most noteworthy buildings in Venice, right next to the “Palazzo Loredan”..

For those arriving by plane at Marco Polo Airport which is located about 13 km from Venice the easiest way to reach Venice is by sea.

ALILAGUNA is a public water taxi company which offers a service (the Lancione) that goes from the airport  to "Calle  Vallaresso", near Piazza San Marco,  which is at a walking distance from Palazzo Franchetti. The crossing takes abt. 1 hour 10 minutes. The Lancione connects more or less with all flights. The ticket for this boat (Lancione) costs Euros 12,00 and can be purchased at the ALILAGUNA taxi stand at the end of the arrival hall (opening hours: from 8 am to 12 pm). For the timetable, please, have a look at: www.alilaguna.it.

You can also take a private water taxi from the airport directly to your final destination (the cost is abt. Euros 90,00/100,00).

From the airport you can also take a public Bus (ATVO) (the cost is Euros 5,00 and it travels abt. every 30 minutes)  or a land taxi to Piazzale Roma (the cost is abt. Euros 30,00) and from there catch a public boat (Vaporetto) to the stop closest to your final destination (see details in the next paragraph).

For those arriving by train at the Railway Station or by car at the parking garage at Piazzale Roma there are several possibilities. To go directly to Palazzo Franchetti" one can take the Vaporetto, Line 1 or Line 82 (every 10 minutes from 7:00 until 21:00; every 20/30 minutes afterwards) to the stop Accademia. From there one has to cross the "Ponte dell'Accademia" and walk more or less directly to Campo S. Stefano. You can also take a private water taxi from the Railway Station to your final destination (the cost is abt. Euros 70,00).




Conference Secretariat and Conference Fee

The Secretariat will be close to the Conference Room in Palazzo Franchetti.

If you have any particular problem, do not hesitate to contact the “NEUTRINO TELESCOPES” Secretariat by phone, telefax or electronic mail:

NEUTRINO TELESCOPES” Secretariat Phone :++39-0498277144
        Dipartimento di Fisica  Fax: ++39-0498277145
        Via Marzolo, 8  E-mail:neutel@pd.infn.it
        35131 PADOVA/Italy
NEUTRINO TELESCOPES” Secretariat Mobile Phone: 3200358679
         Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti
         Palazzo Franchetti Fax: ++39-0415204372
         Campo S. Stefano   E-Mail:neutel@pd.infn.it
         30124 VENEZIA/Italy  

The Conference Fee is Euros 500,00. It also includes a copy of the Proceedings,  the Lunches and the Conference Dinner.

The payment could  be made by bank transfer to:

  c/o Cassa di Risparmio di PD e RO S.p.A.
  Agenzia 7
  Via Belzoni, 1
  35131 Padova/ Italy
Bank Account Details
   for Italian People: R 06225 12107 07400476613L 
   for Foreign People: IBAN IT02 R062 2512 1070 7400 4766 13L
                         BIC CRPDIT2P

If you think of sending your Registration Fee by Bank transfer, please make sure that any overhead charged by the Bank is covered, otherwise the registrations will arrive already reduced by 5% by the emitting Bank.

Please, make sure to quote your name clearly on the transfer slip and send or fax a copy of the receipt of the transfer  order to “Neutrino Telescopes” Secretariat.

The Conference Fee can also be payed at the Registration desk  by Travellers Cheques or cash (personal cheques or credit cards cannot be accepted).

Registration Form to be filled in and sent back no later than January 18, 2007.


Schedule of the Workshop

The Workshop will start  on Tuesday,  March 6,  at 9:30 and will  end on Friday,  March 9, at  about 18:00. The Sessions  will take place from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to about 19:00.



Lunches and Coffee Breaks

Lunches and Coffee Breaks will be served to the participants in the rooms of Palazzo Franchetti.



The Proceedings will include all talks given by speakers during the Workshop. Details for the preparation of manuscripts will be given in due time. The deadline for  the submission of  camera-ready manuscripts will be April 16, 2007. The Proceedings will appear in June, 2007.




Venice is particularly attractive and the situation concerning hotel accommodation is always very tight. Arrangements have been made with the Hotel Europa & Regina  - San Marco 2159,  for a  number of  rooms at reduced rates for the Workshop participants. The Europa & Regina is a top class Hotel, situated on the Grand Canal, at a walking distance (about  five minutes)  from the Piazza San Marco and close to Palazzo Franchetti.

To reach the Hotel Europa & Regina you can follow the indications given on the first paragraph on how to reach Palazzo Franchetti, but the closest Vaporetto stop is “Calle Vallaresso” (see the attached map).

Hotel Reservation Form to be filled in and sent back no later than January 18, 2007.



Social Events

Monday, March 5

Registration in Palazzo Franchetti


Monday, March 5

Visit to the Mosaics of “San Marco Church”


Tuesday, March 6 

Informal Welcome Party “Pasta e fasjoi”


Thursday, March 8

Conference Dinner” at the Cipriani in Giudecca 


Friday, March 9

Farewell Party


Friday, March 9

Liuto Concert