XI International Workshop on “Neutrino Telescopes” 

February 22-25, 2005

Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti” – Campo S. Stefano 2945




Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Neutrinos beyond the Standard Model”

         M. Baldo Ceolin (University of Padova) Welcome

         G. Salvini (University of Roma “La Sapienza”) Bruno Rossi Legacy

         L. Wolfenstein  (Carnegie Mellon University)       Neutrinos beyond the Standard Model


Neutrino Masses and Mixing”

         P. Minkowski (University of Bern) Neutrino Oscillations: an Historical View

         J. Pati (Maryland University) Neutrino Masses: Shedding Light on Unification and Our Origin

         Q. Shafi (University of Delaware) Neutrino Oscillations and Proton Decay

         H. Minakata  (Tokyo Metropolitan University) Neutrino Mixing and Quark-Lepton Complementarity

         R.N. Mohapatra (University of Maryland) What can Neutrinos tell us about Quark-Lepton Unification


Neutrino and the Cosmos”

              A. Dolgov  (ITEP, Moscow and INFN Sezione di Ferrara) Neutrino and Cosmos

         A. Masiero (University of Padova) Varying Neutrino Masses and Dark Energy

         P. Huber (University of Wisconsin) Mass Varying Neutrinos and Oscillations

         S. Wojcicki (University of Stanford) Early Experience with NuMI/Minos (ppt)



Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Going on with Neutrino Oscillations”

         M. Lindner (TUM, Munich) Prospects for the coming Accelerator and Reactor Neutrino Experiments

         Y. Suzuki (ICRR, University of Tokyo) The Future SK and Long Baseline Experiments in Japan

         S. Petcov (SISSA)       Discovery Potential of Solar and Atmospheric Neutrinos

         V.N. Gavrin (INR of RAS, Moscow) Measurement of the SAGE Response to Neutrinos from  Ar37 Source pdf   (ppt)

         C. Pena-Garay (IAS, Princeton) Comparing Solar and KamLAND Data

         G. Fiorentini (University of Ferrara) Geo-Neutrinos


Majorana Neutrinos”

                           V. Zacek (University of Montreal) SNOLAB – An International Facility for Underground Science

         B. Kayser (FERMILAB) Majorana Neutrinos

         H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus (Max-Planck-Institut, Heidelberg) Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

         C. Brofferio (University of Milano-Bicocca) CUORE, CUORICINO: Results and Prospects

         S. Bilenky (JINR, Dubna & SISSA) Nuclear Matrix Elements in Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay



         S. Pascoli (CERN) Neutrinos and CP Violation

         T. Nakaya (University of Kyoto) The Neutrino Physics at Accelerators: the High Intensity Frontier

         J. Wilkes (University of Washington) UNO: Next-Generation Detector for Neutrinos, Super-Novae and Proton Decay pdf    (ppt)

         D.B. Cline (UCLA) Proton Decay and Neutrino Detector for DUSEL


Thursday, February 24, 2005


Neutrinos and Astroparticles”

        T. Stanev (University of Delaware) High Energy Astrophysical Processes

         V. Berezinsky (LNGS) SuperGZK Neutrinos

         F. Halzen (University of Wisconsin) Neutrinos as a Diagnostic of High Energy Astrophysical Processes


Neutrinos and Cosmology”

         S. Pastor (IFIC, University of Valencia) Neutrino Mass Bounds from Cosmological Observables

        T. Weiler (University of Vanderbilt) Higher Energy Cosmic Ray Observatories

         D. McKay (University of Kansas) Rice: Constraining New Physics with Ultrahigh Energy Neutrinos


New Ways and Means”

         J. G. Learned (University of Hawaii) New Methods for the Highest Energy Neutrinos Detection

         B. Barish (CALTECH) LIGO: Gravitational Waves Detection from Supernovae and from Gamma Ray Burts 

         G. Barbiellini (University of Trieste) GRB a New Tool for the Study of the Universe Expansion

         G. Giacomelli (University of Bologna) Search for Exotic Contributions to Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations

         G.G. Raffelt (MPI, Munich) Axions

         E. Zavattini (INFN, Trieste) Axions in  PVLAS?

         A. Dar (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology) The Origin of Cosmic Rays


Friday, February 25, 2005


The Charm of the Relic Neutrinos”

         A. Ringwald (DESY) How to Detect the Cosmic Neutrino Background

         G. Barenboim (University of Mainz) Cosmic Neutrino Absorption Spectroscopy


Neutrino Mass from Different Perspectives”

         V. Lobashev (INR of RAS, Moscow) Neutrino Mass Search in Tritium Beta Decay

         F. Vissani (LNGS) Lepton and Quark Masses in SO(10)

        T. Gherghetta (University of Minnesota) Neutrino Mass and Extradimensions


A Long Living Idea”

         N. Cabibbo (University of Roma “La Sapienza”) On the Triangle


Round Table Discussion


The Strategy for answering the Open Questions about the Neutrino World

N. Cabibbo (University of Roma), J. Feltesse (DAPNIA,  Saclay), B. Kayser (FERMILAB),  E. Iarocci (Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati), M. Lindner (University of Munich), H. Minakata  (Tokyo Metropolitan University), T. Nakaya (University of Kyoto),         D. Vignaud (College de France), S. Wojcicki  (SLAC) and V. Zacek (University of Montreal).


          S. Glashow  (University of Boston) New Views on Neutrinos