The goal of the working group is to investigate the physics opportunities of future neutrino experiments, giving a particular emphasis to a CERN-based neutrino factory.

to give presentations at the working  group you can contact the CONVENERS: 
Mauro Mezzetto, Pilar Hernandez

March 18, 2005 meeting - CERN

S. Pascoli (CERN) Leptogenesis and low energy CP violation (pdf)
J. Bernabeu Monochromatic neutrino beam from electron-capture
T. Schwetz (SISSA) Resolving degeneracies in LBL experiments by atmospheric neutrino data. (pdf)
E. Fernandez Martinez (Madrid) Measuring Atmospheric Parameters with Super Beams (pdf)
D. Meloni (Roma) The impact of solar and atmospheric uncertainties on the measurement of theta13 and delta (pdf)
M. Lindroos (CERN) Flux at a beta beam facility (ppt)
P. Hernandez (Valencia) Optimization of the CERN-SPS Beta Beam (ps)
M. Mezzetto (Padova) Optimization of the CERN-SPS Beta Beam (pdf)

November 03, 2004 meeting - DESY

Link to the DESY meeting

A. Blondel Our homework assignements (pdf)
C. Volpe Summary of the Trento workshop Exploring the Impact of New Neutrino Beams (pdf)
C. Hagner The OPERA approach at the CNGS and at future neutrino facilities (pdf)
A. Cazes Optimization of the SPL energy for a neutrino superbeam (pdf)
E. Fernandez-Martinez Degeneracies in the determination of oscillation parameters (pdf)
M. Lindroos ISOL, EURISOL & neutrino Betabeams
M. Zisman NuFact & Betabeam News from the US APS Study (pdf)
A. Donini Leptonic Mixing (pdf)
P. Strolin Detectors for future neutrino experiments (pdf)
C. Hagner The complementary reactor approach: DCHOOZ (pdf)

May 25, 2004. Special session devoted to the worldwide water megaton detector projects

Link to "Physics with a Multi-MW Proton Source"

9:00 C.K Jung USA R&D (pdf)
10:00 K. Nakamura Japan R&D (ppt)

February 18, 2004 meeting

14:00 A. Mirizzi Supernovae neutrinos
14:40 D. Meloni A theoretical study of the parameter degeneracy at future neutrino experiments
15:10 V. Palladino The MWAtt physics workshop: particle physics
15:30 Break  
15:50 C. Volpe Prospects for detecting a neutrino magnetic moment with a tritium source and beta beams
16:20 J. Bouchez Updates about the Frejus project

July 8, 2003 meeting

  STARTING at 11:00

July 9

     STARTING at 09:00

9:00 Open Discussion:


Presentations given at the meeting on Mar 25, 2003

Presentations given at the meeting on Dec 11, 2002
Presentations given at the meeting on Sept 10, 2002

Presentations given at the meeting on June 11, 2002

 Contributions to NUFACT99
 Radioactive beams for nuclear physics and neutrino physics
 Exploring the impact of new neutrino beams

 "Oscillation Phyiscs with a Neutrino Factory"   CERN Yellow Paper (hep-ph/0210192)
 Neutrino Unbound

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